Development and exchange of ideas

The development and implementation of innovative ideas requires an environment that allows an effective exchange of information, supporting the idea owner through the various stages of structured thinking and evaluation of one’s own idea. In addition, the acceptance and development potential of an idea largely depends on the ability to pass it on to others, thus making successful communication a key success factor in launching innovation. The methods of idea development are different, and we apply them through group or individual work, in a physical or digital environment.

Collaborative design

Participatory or collaborative design (co-design) is a process of designing products and services that involves key stakeholders, i.e. end users, at an early stage, so that the final result is as tailored as possible to their needs. Participatory design is characterized by different methods of stakeholder involvement, which all require management, encouragement and guidance of participants during implementation. Participatory design process can be greatly enhanced by the application of digital technologies, where understanding and properly interpreting the information received from the participants of the process is crucial. We are innovative and persistent in maintaining high-quality communication between providers and end users of services or products, for their mutual benefits.