Andragonica is primarily dedicated to instructional design with an application of educational technology. This includes the development of creative, effective and modern methods and tools intended primarily for teaching adults, i.e. andragogy. We enjoy a challenge of designing and developing educational content in a digital environment (webinars, online courses, trainings, lectures, etc.), thus trying to set new quality standards in this growing market.

We believe that high quality communication is a basic prerequisite for personal development, successful implementation of business activities and projects. Therefore, Andragonica helps you to design and implement interactive workshops, manage co-design of products or services, enable an efficient stakeholder engagement process, etc. Our main task is to provide an interface that allows productive exchange of information and a development of a common vision.


Andragonica prepares online trainings for different purposes, of various topics and levels of interaction. Tell us what your students need to learn and define a timeframe. We will be happy to help you.


You would like an interactive form with an objective to achieve a common solution? We will ensure an appropriate environment, tools and collaboration process managers.


Do you need help in preparing and implementing shorter informative or educational forms, demonstrating professionalism and a high level of quality?

Contact us.

Over the past decade, hackathon has taken a special place as a competitive form that generates innovation but also fosters learning. Simply put, it is a time-constrained event, organized with the aim of solving a particular problem or addressing a challenge.
A webinar is a presentation, seminar, lecture or workshop made available via the Internet in the form of simultaneous transmission of audiovisual data. Such forms enable distance learning, being in use as early as the 1990s. Soon after, their application has become common for businesses and higher education institutions.
Andragonica arose from the synergy of experiences in different fields of activity, motivated by a love of teaching, and the need for creative expression of Andragonica team members. Andragonica wants to grow and develop in […]